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Important Milestones
1846 :   After the Afgan defeat in 1841-42, the British India Authority established this Factory as the first Ammunition Factory in India.
1930 :   OFDC emerged as ENGINEERING UNIT producing Ordnance Items.
1945 :   After Second World War, it became a part of GUN AND SHELL FACTORY, COSSIPORE.
1964 :   Factory became an independent unit.
1971 :   Played active role in Pakistani war. Manufactured various types of Ammunition Boxes and Carriers , Base Plate for 81mm & 120mm Mortar, Candle Smoke Body etc.
Predominantly Fabrication Work
1984 :   Started manufacturing Ammunition Hardware like FIN STABILISER for 125MM HE, 125MM HEAT USED IN T-72 TANK,73MM HEAT used in BMP-I AND FIN STABILISER ASSY for 122MM GRANADE ROCKET.
A Shift to Light Engineering Work
1995 :   Started development of TAIL UNITS for Air Force Bombs.
1996 :   Awarded with ISO : 9002 Accredition from BIS.
1998 :   Received GOLDEN PEACOCK NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD as Runners Up from Institute of Directors, New Delhi.
2000 :   Established TU-1111 and TU-TB250, TU-TB450 for Air Force.
2001 :   Established 30mm AP/T SHELL, TU-8A with CAP and FUZE PERCUSSION 162 DA Mk-8.
2002 :   Awarded with ISO 9001:2000 Accredition .Development of Fuze 162 DA MK-8 & DA 5A.
2005 :   Diversification into manufacturing of Polymer Magazine 20 Round by Injection Moulding Machine for 5.56mm Insas Rifle. In Ord. Family ,OFDC solely holds this technology.
2007 :   Established production of FUZE DA 5A and BALANCE WEIGHT for the first time.
2008 :   30 Round POLYMER MAGAZINE for 5.56 LMG Rifle has been established successfully.