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Injection Moulding Machine :
INJECTION MOULDING MACHINE can be considered as an unique and one of the special type machines possessed by OFDC under Ordnance Family. This machine is fully CNC operated and can run around 20 hrs per day. Polymer granules are fed as input material and outcome is the main body, front part and rear part of Magazine ( 20Round / 30Round ) for 5.56 Insas Rifle or 5.56 Insas LMG. The speciality of the machine is that right from starting to end , the total sequences are CNC operated . Replacement of preceeding product , the steel magazine with polymer one has saved manufacturing and material cost to great extent , thus reducing inspection parameters and rejection percentage also. In that respect, Injection Moulding Machines possessed by OFDC can be taken as very much special type one in Ordnance Family.
Laser Beam Machining Machine :
Laser Beam Machining Machine was commissioned at OFDC in the year 2000. Outer and inner contours can be cut with complete finished condition from steel sheet upto 7mm thickness. Beam pointer travels over the sheet as per layout set on the computer, thus producing the desired profile. Laser Beam is produced from mixture of Helium, Nitrogen and Oxygen liquids of desired ratio with further Oxygen as inflaming agent and Nitrogen as cooling agent. Outturn products produced from this machine is found zero tolerance with good and final surface finish. Post machining status is completely error free. This machine possessed by OFDC is obviously special in nature and rare machine in Ordnance Organisation.
CNC Machines
OFDC possesses large nos of CNC Machines used for critical and prototype components thus ensuring consistent accuracy and higher productivity with minimum rejections.
Ultra Modern Tool Room
Tool Room is equipped with state-of-art technology having many a special purpose machines like JIG BORING MACHINE, THREAD GRINDING MACHINE, SHADOW GRINDING M/C etc.